Friday, June 13, 2014

Bolts of Clarity

Pathways Advisory Group, Inc.
David Williamson, CFP®

In case you missed it from the September 2010 Newsletter…

Most clients, at one time or another, have experienced our Retirement Projection.  Dream a little, list all the goals, prioritize, figure out the future income, add in the assets, drum roll please…

At the drumroll, you may experience a catch in your throat, a flutter in your heart.  We sure do.  Suddenly, there’s that spreadsheet.  How much money is there at the “End of Your Plan”? 

We love to see the highly successful projection.  All goals met, with plenty to spare.  But, alas!  Not all results are pretty.

Believe me, we are rooting for you.

In our minds, though, a successful projection is one that brings clarity.  If you are falling short, better to know it as early as possible.  Then, let’s consider all of your options.  What changes can be made?  What actions can you take?  Let’s grab hold of this clarity – and make the most of it.

When the results turn out quite well, we sometimes have a different sort of clarity.  The confident realization that you are financially secure.  Those wonderful travel plans that you were not sure about…? Yes! Go for it!  That and more!  Grab hold of this clarity – and make the most of it.

Please know that when the drum rolls, from our side of the desk, we’re on the edge of our seats, too.  Either way, we’re along for the ride.  Let’s keep seeking that clarity. 

And above all, let’s keep on dreaming.

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