Friday, March 4, 2011

Golf Tips: Keep It Simple

Pathways Advisory Group, Inc.
Dustin Smith, CFP®

This one’s for the golfers out there…

I have been away from the game of golf a long time, but I learned a few things over the years. My favorite pupil, Mr. David Williamson, inspired me to share a few tips with the golfers out there. He has a moderate-to-strong case of the “golf bug”. Three Shots to Save Your Game, How to Hit it Long, How to Shave Ten Strokes off Your Game, How to Break 80…. If he brings just one more article into my office - I am going to….. Blog about it!!

What is the biggest mistake golfers make? The grip? The swing path? Ball position? Posture? Equipment? None of the above – it’s TMI, Too Much (conflicting) Information! If you want a better golf experience, keep it simple and have fun!

Select One teacher: A good teacher can diagnose your tendencies. You can’t see yourself swing. With one teacher, the message will be consistent. There will be an abundance of magazine articles and tips from other golfers to sidetrack you. Don’t let them. (Are you listening, David?)

Select One drill: A good teacher will determine your most counterproductive tendency and the desired correction. You can work together to determine the best drill; a drill that translates your teacher’s desired correction into something you can feel (without watching yourself swing). Drill repetition creates muscle memory.

Select One swing thought: A drill creates muscle memory. Muscle memory transfers the desired correction to the golf course, without thinking. On the golf course, limit yourself to one swing thought and have fun!

If you “keep it simple” you will hit many more solid golf shots. Solid golf shots, good company, and beautiful scenery make for a great day. A few beers may or may not help.

Fairways and Streams…

In my experience, a reasonable swing path (especially the downswing) plus solid impact make the biggest difference. The question is, what drill works for you? For an explanation of the “swing path”:

Although the “short game” is not mentioned, keeping it simple works for the “short game” as well.…

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2011 IRS e-file Refund Cycle Chart

For those of you expecting a tax refund and have filed your taxes using e-file, the IRS has posted a chart showing when you can expect your refund to arrive. Click here to view this chart.