Tuesday, November 20, 2012


We did it!  We finished the Two Cities Marathon &Half .  Bruce did the full marathon (26.2 miles) while the rest of us did the half (13.1 miles).  By the way, Bruce completed it carrying a flag pole with the black “Prisoner-Of-War, Missing-In-Action” flag.

There was a lot of apprehension (and complaining) leading up to the event.  Most of us had never done anything like this before.  In the end, we all had a lot of fun.

Special thanks to:
-          Bill Flayer
-          Sherry Smith
-          Kathy Karst
-          Kristin Davis
-          Kyle Nelson
They joined us on this journey.

“I am glad we all stuck with it and finished.  It was a well-organized event with lots of “buzz” and energy.  It was a great experience.  I would love to do it again but I have twelve months to work on my excuses.”  - Dustin Smith

“When I signed up to participate just weeks before giving birth to my son, I thought I might be a little crazy!  Even though I wasn’t able to train as much as I would have liked, I am still proud of myself for completing it.  The atmosphere and energy on the day of the race really kept me going; it was uplifting to be a part of such community camaraderie. “ - Tiffany Domenici

“After months of training, a last minute injury made it impossible for me to run on marathon day.  I walked instead. This experience was a lesson to me that sometimes in life you will not meet your expectations, despite your best efforts. Although there will be disappointment, it is important to rejoice in the journey (just as much as the destination), and be proud of how far you’ve come.” – Michelle Carter

“26.2 miles with a flag only represents a fraction of the gratitude that I have for our veterans.  Especially our POW’s and MIA’s.  You are not forgotten.” – Bruce

“For the training, I found the most motivation by simply hearing what others in the office were going through and accomplishing. As for the actual event, most of my motivation came from seeing everyone out there doing their “thing”.” – Katie Sanders

“This was a great experience to have everyone in the office complete the event.  The funniest part was watching everyone limp around the office the next few days.” – Jeff Karst

“It was inspiring to watch my coworkers prepare for and complete something many thought they’d never even attempt. Even better to hear that some plan to give it another go in the future.” – Nicole Cox

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