Monday, September 20, 2010


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Dustin Smith, CFP®

Ever find yourself in a rut? If you are human... you have. How does it happen? Why is it so easy to slip into mediocrity? I read something today that answers this perfectly. It was just what I needed. The article, Avoiding Mediocrity, referenced a book quote from Anne Bachrach's Living Life With No Regrets.

She asked registered dietician and certified exercise physiologist Dennis Collier: "What is the impact of choosing not to lead a healthy lifestyle over the short term and long term?"

His response: "This question really gets to the root of the cause of why people often choose not to do the healthy things. They key is this: There are minimal short-term consequences to making the unhealthy choice. In fact, quite often it is just the opposite - the unhealthy choice is the one that is most pleasurable. This applies to many things in life, not just health and fitness."

It's easy to talk yourself out of a healthy lifestyle... "It doesn't really matter today. There is always tomorrow." Then something snaps you out of it. Losing a loved one. A health scare. A 50th birthday. A recession. A song. A place. A book. Or in this case, a magazine article. At some point, by definition, tomorrow becomes today. Diet and exercise return to importance. A better financial balance becomes important. People become more important. Unfortunately, it's easy to lose perspective. Thankfully... it's also easy to regain.

Reference: Avoiding Mediocrity, Bill Bachrach. Financial Advisor Magazine. Sept 2010.

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