Friday, July 17, 2009

Young People

Pathways Advisory Group, Inc.
David L. Williamson, CFP®

Whoa, baby!! A few days back, Dustin met with one of our younger clients. We’ll call her Erica. She is 21 and the daughter of a couple who have been clients of the firm for over 20 years. I barged into the meeting to say hello. Hadn’t seen Erica in a few years.

We chatted a bit. As I left the room – it hit me! This young lady, a client, had not been born when I entered this business. Wow! I staggered back towards my office. I’m starting to feel older now. Around the corner pops Tiffany – our youngest employee. She was not born when I entered this business! Wow! I’m aging by the second now… Using the wall for support, I hobbled into my office, plopped into my chair and sat stunned. On the top of my head, exactly 489 hairs instantly turned gray.

Perhaps I exaggerate a bit. Only 241 hairs turned gray. But 72 fell out.

I began this career in 1984, at a fairly young age. Over these 25 years, I’ve seen a lot. During the first 15 years or so, I was intimately involved in all aspects of the business. I knew it all. And now I am part of a firm that has a life of its own. It is greater than any individual. So much happens that is independent of me. We hum along. They handle this. They attend to that.

And, boy, am I proud of them. These young folks learn so fast. They master their work. They care deeply about their work. Wow! I need to stay out of their way.

They are polite (to their elder). “David, perhaps I should take care of that, rather than you.” Translation: “Hey, Old Fart, you don’t have a clue. Out of my way, before you really gum it up.” (Lest you think they are totally in charge, I do dispense a pearl of wisdom now and then.)

What am I trying to say…..? We are in good hands. There is hope. They are an awesome generation. These young people take care of me. Most importantly, they take care of you.

I am so proud.

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rogerstach said...

David...You don't look a day over 65.