Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Blog Tips for New Readers

Our Blog: A New Look with Some Great Benefits

We have changed the look of our Blog to be more interactive with our readers. You can now subscribe, leave comments, and navigate around the site much easier.

We are continuously adding hints and tips. If you have a question, or you would like to share a blogging tip, please contact Nicole (Nicole@pathwaysag.com).

The following are frequently asked questions regarding using the new blog site.

How do I subscribe?

By subscribing, you will automatically receive an email each time we post a new entry. We now have a Subscription Form right on the Blog. Simply enter your address and click ‘Subscribe’. An activation email will be sent to your email address. Once your request is activated, you will receive updates via email as new information is added to our site.

How do I leave a comment?

Click on “Comments”, below the blog entry.
Read any comments of others.
Enter your comment.
Type in the special set of letters you see.
Click on one of the identity buttons:

Google Account – for those with a Blogger or Google username
Open ID – for those with a LiveJournal, WordPress, TypePad, or AIM username.
Name/URL – for anyone who would like their name to show with their comment. (You do not have to enter anything in the URL box.)
Anonymous – for anyone not comfortable posting their identity.

After you submit, we review & then post.

How do I use labels to navigate around the Blog?

On the right-hand side of the Blog, you’ll see a listing of 'Labels'. Labels identify blog postings by their subject matter or a particular author. Clicking on a certain Label will bring up all posts with that characteristic. This can help you navigate.

Let's say you want to read all posts about the stock market, you would click on the 'Market' Label. Or if you want to read David's musings, you would click on the 'David' Label.